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Butterfly phone concept made by a high-schooler is gorgeous

Believe it or not, this exquisite phone concept design was made by a high school student. 15-year-old Andrew Kim posted his design on a forum recently and has understandably been getting great feedback. The Butterfly features a horizontal slider with dual AMOLED touchscreens. Unlike other horizontal sliding phones, Butterfly would feature a “slide ‘n tilt” feature, allowing the first screen ...

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Sony NW-A800 Video Walkman: Rumor or reality?

There’s no telling what leaks are real and which are just hoaxes. Supposedly, the photo above is the first look at the Sony Video Walkman, dubbed the NW-A800. The Walkman is regarded as Sony’s answer to the iPod Nano except for its very superior battery life for video playback. Sony Germany has a teaser photo and count down which is ...

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OLED Video Wristwatch: The future is now

Some things were promised to us in old science fiction movies about what the future would bring. Flying cars was one, which is still yet to happen despite our prayers. Another would be space travel, which of course has happened, but not to the far reaches of the universe like the movies would lead you to believe. And of course ...

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