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WuFu Glasses Give Bat-like Sight to the Blind

Taking inspiration from our favorite little flying rodent friend, the bat, the WuFu Glasses provides visual aid to the blind by carrying ultrasonic waves to sensors on the glasses, translating those waves into vibrations. The wrist straps on each arm vibrate to provide the blind user a general idea of their whereabouts, without the need of a guide. A compass ...

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Weight-Loss Belt For Fatties

Are you an overwhelming fat ass that just can’t shred those pounds because going to the gym is another chore on your list of things you won’t do? Well, your prayers have been answered! The Vibro Shape slimming belt is said to rid you of your beer-belly in favor of some sexy washboard abs. The belt can also be used ...

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Japanese glasses give a dose of electric vibration to wake your lazy self up

Japanese glasses makers Vision Megane, display another great and kinda scary Japanese invention. Customers now have the option of adding a small vibrating device to the frames. The idea itself is a decent one. When your head tilts forward, the glasses take that motion to mean that you are losing focus. The sensor sits right behind the ear so that ...

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