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The Four Velociraptors of the Apocalypse

A single Velociraptor might not have been much of a match for a Tyrannosaurs Rex, but a quartet of raptors with an evil appetite could take on the world. The Velociraptors of the Apocalypse t-shirt put an end to the debate on what caused the global extinction of the dinosaurs. Recent scientific discoveries suggest that Chuck Norris might have had ...

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Dinosaur Meat: Now Available at Your Deli Counter

Have you been looking for that perfect extinct animal to serve during your Fourth of July festivities? How about a deliciously tender Velociraptor leg? Perhaps a Sabertooth Filet? Whatever your taste, your favorite Prehistoric meat can apparently now be bought at your local deli counter. OK, so I feel like a bit of a shill for posting something that appeared ...

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