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Ice Cubes For Zombies

If you’re a blog-reading zombie that just happened to go vegetarian recently, never fear, Gearfuse is here to offer a helping hand. We’ve already introduced a few helpful food and drink recipes, including cupcakes and alcoholic beverages, not too mention a perfectly organ-free brain bowl, but what about a simple memento to help you remember the days where brains were ...

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Brain Bowls for Recovering Zombie Vegetarians

So, you’ve finally done it. Taken the drastic leap into vegetarianism. No more brains for you, young man. But it’s hard to make the jump directly from munching on organs to snapping into fresh carrots. To make your life (?) a little more manageable, check out these Brain Bowls available on Etsy for $10 a pop. Even if your gobbling ...

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Inflatable Turkey Helps Vegetarians Fit In

What’s Thanksgiving without a big, juicy turkey as the center piece? Even if you’re planning on eating turkey-flavored tofu crap instead of the real thing, there’s no reason not to feel like you’re at an actual Thanksgiving celebration. The Inflatable Turkey adds a taste of normalcy into your fucked up existence. And that’s all we want. To feel NORMAL! It ...

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