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Lichtenstein-Inspired Star Wars Pop Art

Inspired by the 1963 pop art piece “Whaam,” Deviantart user bergie81 created this awesome Roy Lichtenstein-inspired Star Wars print. And besides that, bergie81 is even offering a high-quality PDF of the vector art piece absolutely free, which is more than we can say about other artists on the internetz. This Rebel fighter is one bad-ass. You’ve gotta be bad to ...

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Kelly Digital

I don’t know if he listens to RZA but at least graphic designer Alberto Seveso knows his shit. Apparently he’s so good at using ‘teh l33t ph0t0sh0p sk1llz’ that he was able to essentially transform surfer Kelly Slater into a damn wave. Yeah. Alberto cut him up good and did a hell of a shading job. Some of the best ...

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