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An iPhone Hater’s Cry for Help

Apparently an Apple a day doesn’t keep the psychiatrist away. Fight the power! Damn tech corporations trying to brainwash us with their awesome Wolfenstein and Metal Gear Solid games. Link

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Spray Can Stool Provides Proper Seating for Vandals

The “Cap” Spray Can Nozzle Stool is an awesome ode to the purveyors and enthusiasts of graffiti. Designed by Don’t Feed The Swedes, this rad seat is a stand-alone piece of pop art all on its own. Slap a few Andy Warhol posters on your wall and you’ll be stylin’ like Kanye.

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Prankster Screws with Crosswalk LEDs

This has to be one of the best street pranks ever. Spotted on the streets of Manhattan, some urban prankster had the ingenious idea of altering the “stop” hand of a traditional crosswalk light to resemble a hand flipping the bird instead. Want to cross the street? Fuck off! No really, just go away. Viva las vandalism! This is so ...

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Surta 7 industrial steel keyboard: NSFW (Not Safe For Winter)

This Surta 7 keyboard might look really slick with its industrial steel finish, but you have to imagine this thing would chill your fingers to the bone in the winter. I can feel the death gurgle from hypothermia enclosing around my precious limbs as we speak. The Surta 7 is designed for a kiosk, with the finish designed prepared especially ...

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