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Does That Snowblower Have A HEMI In It?

No, but you’re close. This fucking bulldozer-like Hellchild of a machine is the work of Kai Grundt, a Canadian Metalworker who threw a V8 engine in a snow-blowing machine. Why the excess power? Well it snows quite a bit in Canada and like any sane person, Kai didn’t feel like throwing his back out and shoveling for hours. So what ...

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Four Doors of Fury: Lamborghini Estoque

Until I see one on the road, I won’t believe it. Apparently Lamborghini has gone soft with its latest offering, the four door Estoque. This is the premier entourage vehicle or family car for a WASPy outing in the Hamptons. Under the hood you’ll find a turbocharged V8 engine or a V8 with a hybrid module and a turbo diesel ...

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Motorola RAZR 2 unveiled

Motorola has officially announced the follow-up to the iconic RAZR phone, the RAZR 2. The announcement comes with a 360-degree tour on Motorola’s home page, giving a first up-close and personal view on the new RAZR phone. The new RAZR will come in three versions. The V8, which will be a dark pearl gray color. The V9M, which will have ...

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