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Tablecloth Pants Are Perfect for Couch Potatoes

Absurdly dorky and utterly useless? Perhaps. But it’s what could have been that really counts in this case. Mitemite’s Tablecloth Pants include spots right above the knees to insert two tablecloth pieces of fabric so you can comfortably sit and eat in front of the couch like the elderly superhero you are, without worrying about too much spillage. Plus you ...

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Nostalgia: Capcom Pad Soldier

I’d like to share with you a bit of my childhood. After I bitched enough that SEGA Genesis wasn’t making the grade, my parents got me a Super Nintendo. A few years later, I would be in Babbages (remember those before GameStop bought ’em out?) and spotted this Capcom Pad for the SNES for a mere $14.99. I bought it. ...

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Nap Alarm sadistically keeps you awake

We know it’s hard to keep awake in painstakingly boring meetings, but wouldn’t it be great to have somebody next to you to wake you up when you fall asleep? The Japanese came out with various solutions for that, and one of them is the Nap Alarm. The Nap Alarm looks pretty much like just another headset for your mobile ...

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Galaxy power supply of 1,000 Watts powers way more than you need

Have you ever felt that you 700 Watt power supply just isn’t enough? Oh, you haven’t? Well, some people out there have and they are jumping for joy right now that the Galaxy 1,000 Watt power supply has been released. So exactly what does 1,000 Watts do for you? You can successfully power 24 hard discs at one time. Bet ...

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