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Urwerk Continues Their Timepiece Takeover With The Hardest Watch Ever

A little less than a month ago, watchmaker Urwerk gave us a taste of sexiness with their turbine-powered 202 Hammerhead design. Urwerk continues to push the envelope with their 103.08 TiAlN, which stands for Titanium Aluminum Nitride, and is said to be the hardest watch ever made. The special TiAlN coating is only 4 microns thick, yet weighs a fraction ...

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Urwerk’s New Sexy 202 Hammerhead Automatic Watch Runs With Turbines

Urwerk took their opportunity at SIHH 2008 to unveil their new 202 Hammerhead Automatic wrist watch which has a innovative new winding rate which is geared with fluid dynamics. For over a century, watch makers were playing around with watches powered with air friction, aided by a traditional rotating vane, much more reliable then the old sand-powered hour glass. The ...

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