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LEGO Vignette Pays Tribute to Pixar’s “Up”

This LEGO Vignette proves that you don’t need much more than a few LEGO bricks and pieces for prove your artistic worth. LEGO master Peter Aoun created this masterfully minimilist LEGO scene which pays homage to Disney/Pixar’s most recent release, “Up,” proving once and for all that Pixar is more than a company offering a wide assortment of epic beards. ...

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Pixar’s “Up” Gets LEGOfied

I haven’t seen the new Pixar flick Up yet, but from what I hear, it’s pretty funny. I mean to be honest, you’ve got to be an absolute cynic to hate on Pixar movies. That being said, check out Angus MacLane’s recreation of the main character from the movie. It looks just like him! If it was 1988 and an ...

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Socket Deer or Dear Socket?

Here’s another way to clean up that cluttered mess of cords by your power outlet: outlet covers with deer antlers on them for holding gadgets while they charge. They can also be used like the ninja cord bunny and wrap up any loose wire laying around the floor. You could even go the extra mile and hang up your house ...

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Geek Squad Installs Gaming Systems For The Technically Confused

Who would’ve thought that all of those AV nerds in high school would one day work on Best Buy’s Geek Squad. If geeks you know haven’t gotten a job on the squad then your next bet is to check your local Radio Shack. This holiday season, it’s not Radio Shack trying to steal your money with cheap RC cars and ...

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Math Powered Light For Mathletes Only

Even if math isn’t exactly your bailiwick, you still can appreciate the idea behind this math-inspired lamp from designer Mingyu Jeung. Until you solve a randomly generated math problem, the lamp remains unlit. So if you’re calculator-dependent, you might be in trouble if you come across this lamp in a dark hallway. Good thing Jeung includes a chalkboard on the ...

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