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A World’s First: Solar Submarine

When one thinks of a submarine, solar energy is the furthest thing from their mind. After all, submarines dive down deep below the ocean’s surface where the sun does not shine. The Swiss energy company, BKW is a little more optimistic than myself. It’s unveiled the GOLDFISH project, which will feature the world’s first solar powered submarine. How will they ...

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This Rug Could Contain Skid Marks

I know what you’re thinking. Giant underwear, right? Wrong, it’s not wearable underwear, it’s a rug. Now, I can get rid of that dead bear decorating my Summer log cabin. Just lay this fuzzy under-garment down and it’ll look like you don’t give two shits about doing laundry.� It’s just $24 dollars, though I wish it wasn’t so small. I ...

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