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Physical Tweet-O-Meter Wall Tracks Real-Time Tweeting Activity of Major Cities

Those of you interested in the anthropological patterns of social networking might want to plan a trip to British Librarys Growing Knowledge exhibition, where CASA’s (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) Tweet-O-Meter currently calls its home. The Tweet-O-Meeter is a real-time analog monitoring system that tracks the current Twitter activity of 9 major cities. The machine was developed to help better ...

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The 39 Types of People You Will Meet on Twitter and Facebook

I would add something pithy, perhaps a sub-type they missed, but this about sums it up. Oh, wait! And hashtag abusers, you know the ones…. #TCOT #Right #Conservative #Palin. And I just thought of another one – the people who share links in bulk, so a chunk of 8 tweets from the same person will show up in a row, ...

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Stuffed Plush Twitter Bird

Editor’s Note: This design seems to bear a striking resemblance to Iconfactory’s official Twitterrific mascot, Ollie. Credit needs to be given where credit is due. We strongly suggest you check out the official Iconfactory store to purchase official Ollie products. If all of you social media gurus and marketing consultants are having trouble sleeping at night, too worried about your ...

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Twitter Illustrated: Humorous Illustrations of Actual Tweets

Illustrator Kiersten Essenpreis takes funny tweets and makes them even funnier on her genius website, Twaggies. Whenever inspiration strikes, Essenpresis designs clever illustrations depicting particularly humorous or inspired tweets. Essenpries has done about 90 illustrations so far and hasn’t showed any indication of stopping. Now I just need to think of a tweet clever enough to be preserved until the ...

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Internet Illiteracy: No, Really, You’re Doing It Wrong

#Some people just @don’t understand the lingo of the internet. Particularly people who are unaffiliated with the ways of Twitter. Hash tags certainly don’t require a degree in rocket science to understand. Most people can usually get the point after seeing a few statuses including the elusive “#” symbol. Most people. This Facebook user is not most people. I’m pretty ...

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