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Twilight Meets the MacBook

The fact that it took this long from someone to come up with this is sickening. What is so wrong with the youth these days that they need years to come up with creative Apple mods? Come on, guys. Stop slacking and get wit’ da muddafuckin’ times. This Twilight MacBook decal substitutes the apple on the cover of Stephanie Meyer’s ...

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Snuggies + Twilight = Facebook Fail-bait

Alright, I can totally get the whole Snuggie thing. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I not only own one, but I use it regularly and love the hell out of it. But, dude, Twilight, for real? We’ve already seen what it would take to make Twilight interesting, and it ain’t pretty. Link

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Custom Twilight Xbox 360 Case

We’ve loved almost every single Xbox 360 case mod we’ve ever seen, except the ones which are designed to glorify your fandom for the Twilight series. And seeing as we’ve only seen one Twilight-themed Xbox, I think you get the point. (We hate this damn thing) If you like this sort of crap (you might also like our great collection ...

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Creepy Edward Cullen Shower Curtain

The reason ladies love Edward Cullen is clear. He’s the sort of guy you don’t mind longingly watching you take a shit. You too can have the hottest vampire of the moment staring at you as you trim your pubes. And only for $75. Link [via]

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Twilight Film Alternate Ending Revealed

Looks like they strayed from the book a bit, but all in all, I’m thoroughly satisfied. It wouldn’t be the first time a movie didn’t live up to the book. I can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy watching this though. Sorry fangirls, please don’t hurt me.

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Twilight Turtle Plush Planetarium

Plush toys have never really gotten any more elaborate than any other stuffed animal. Sure, you could get a plush re-creation of your favorite Pokemon or go with the creative Food Chain Friends, but a plush toy is a plush toy. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, if you coupled your average plush toy with a home planetarium, that would make ...

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