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A Bumblebee Transformer That Dances To The Beat

Ahh, robotics. The feeling of being in complete control. This Beatmix Bumblebee Transformer is even willing to dance and sing for you, despite the humiliation it might cause. Beatmix “speaks” music while dancing to every rhythm. The awesome thing about Beatmix, which you won’t get from any other dancing device, is its ability to sample back your tunes with cool ...

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Miniature Grand Piano

Segatoys presents its fully functional Miniature Grand Piano. What Segatoys mean as fully functional, has nothing to do with being fully usable. Or usable at all. Each of its 80 keys are about 4 mm thick, so if your planning on cranking out some tunes, you’re going to either have to train a mouse to play, or create paper-thin extensions ...

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MP3 Watch wirelessly broadcasts to Car Radio with FM Transmitter

Before you run out and buy a FM transmitter for your iPod, consider this. This MP3-playing Watch comes with its own FM Transmitter. The watch has everything built in to have tunes blaring through your car stereo whenever you want them too. And although there has been other wirelessly transmitting MP3 watches, the difference with this one is that it ...

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Floating iPod Sound System waterproofs your music – CES 2007

Summer might seem far away now, with temperatures well below the comfortable level, but these frigid months will pass quicker then you think. When the temperatures pull a 180 and become uncomfortably hot, you might want to just lie around the pool all day and soak. And if you don’t have a pool, at least in an iced bath tub. ...

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