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Japanese iPhone Users Get 1-SEG TV Tuner

With T-Mobile just now rolling out it’s 3G network, it’s pretty apparent that the US is lacking in awesome technology. Japan and other Asian countries get to watch mobile broadcast television via DVB-T or 1-SEG, which can make a morning commute a lot more entertaining. Unfortunately, iPhone users have been left in the dark – until now. Released in conjunction ...

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Rock Out With Your Cock Out

There’s no better place to sing than in the shower. The problem lies in bringing your stereo into the bathtub without shocking the life out of you. Electronics and water usually don’t mix, unless it’s some sort of fish robot.� That’s why a shampoo shaped FM Radio is a clutch utility to have when in the shower. OK, so it’s ...

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Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-TD lets your laptop become a TV

TV tuners are where it’s at. Hauppauge has just released a new dual-antenna notebook TV tuner dubbed the WinTV Nova-TD. It connects to your laptop (or desktop if you need it to) though its USB interface. It connects to two antennas which pick up the digital TV signals. It is able to combine the signal from the two into a ...

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Take Pure�s new Move with you wherever you go

Pure�s new Move is a palm-sized DAB digital and FM radio that is only 15cm x 8.5cm x 2.7cm. This baby will last a long time � 40 hours � before you are required to recharge it, and then once it needs recharging, you can use the built-in ChargePAK battery pack. Now that right there is a nice little invention; ...

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DMB affordable now

It was just a while ago since we thought that Digital TV was something out of this world: amazing quality (not really), amazing coverage (nope) and premium price (not anymore). What we really care more is that we won’t miss any programs that we want, and we want them recordable, cheap, anytime and anywhere. Well, recently USB digital TV tuners ...

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