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April Showers Bring May Umbrellas

Shitty title, but whatever. This is an impressive work of art from artist Sam Spenser. He calls his creation “Bloom” and I think it’s quite an appropriate title for a guy who shoved what looks like 50 umbrellas into a tree. It’s kind of beautiful but also a little on the weird side. Know what I mean? It just doesn’t ...

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DIY: Hurricane Tether

We all love our cars. We’d go to extreme measures to protect our automobiles even during a hurricane as extreme as Ike because let’s face it: no one wants to drive through flooding waters when they can just tie their car to a tree and hope for the best. C’mon, what’s the worst that could happen? The tree could fall ...

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The Tree Bed

For those of you who truly feel in touch with nature and happen to be extremely wealthy, you may want to shell out the $15,000 for this Tree Bed. Designed by Shawn Lovell and constructed from heavy metal, you’ll really feel as if you’re really falling asleep inside a creepy-as-fuck forest. No joke. All you need now is a floor ...

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Stink Tree Table Is Broken

Five pieces of wood stuck together yet divided by a fissure and you call it the “stink tree?” This outlandish hippie coffee table was designed by Dylan Gold who says, “Don’t spill your drink.” My response? Don’t construct a table with a fucking crack in it. It would be like a chalkboard with a gap in the center which can’t ...

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Solar Trees Grow On The Streets Of Europe

Coming to a European street near you, these Solar Trees illuminate the night using stored power generated from the sun. Each “tree” contains 10 solar powered lights, each one containing 36 solar power cells. The Solar Tree was demoed outside of the Vienna Design Week festivities and actually looks very cool. And while these aren’t the type of trees you ...

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