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Shark Fin Ice Tray Brings Thrills, Chills To Your Drinks

Have $8 sitting in your wallet? What good is it going to do there? Do yourself a favor and spend your hard-earned cash on these Shark Fin Ice Trays. They help you create fin-shaped cubes of ice that you can later put into your mixed drinks. Guests at your Hawaii-themed party will go apeshit and absolute bananas when they see ...

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Ice Ice Baby: Frozen Smiles Ice Tray

Want to freak your guests out at your next box social? Pick up a few of these unique ice trays that form ice in the shape of dentures. Drop some into a gin and tonic, serve it up and watch the horror unfold. After all, the slogan for Frozen Smiles reads “not your grandfather’s ice tray.” How witty! If you ...

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Drown Away Your Sorrow With Gin

Wallowing in your own self pity while drinking away your sorrows with a glass full of gin and tonic just got even more depressing. Gin & Titonic is an ice cube mold that is shaped to depict miniature Titanics and icebergs that can “sink in your drink.” Jason Amendolara of Fred Studio designed a single ice tray capable of creating ...

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Tetris Ice Cube Trays Won’t Make You Russian

So you saw the DIY Tetris ice cubes and wanted to bust some out for your upcoming gaming party. Too bad it didn’t work out and in the process of ice-chisling, you lost a finger. Why not keep it simple and use this Icetris ice cube tray from Russian designer Dima Komissarov? With trays in four different colors, it’s almost ...

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