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Does Tetris beat post-traumatic stress?

The iconic twentieth-century computer game continues to exert an addictive appeal. And if researchers at Oxford University are right, it may be a uniquely therapeutic way to blunt the effects of traumatic experience as well.

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Spray Skin On Your Burnt Flesh

This skin spraying gun makes you feel like you’re Wolverine. Stem-cell infused skin is discharged from the nozzle onto a wound to expedite the healing process to just hours. Alright, so it’s not quite Wolverine’s mutant healing powers, it’s still better than your natural tissue regeneration, pussy. This is not to be confused with the spray on condom. $250 million ...

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Scientist says “Tell Me Everything You Know Or Else, Fake Baby!”

While the image might suggest that this man is taking violent measures to extract information out of this dummy baby, there is actually a scientific story to go with this awkward image. Though we wish there wasn’t. It would make the picture so much more entertaining. This $28,200 (�19,000) crash test dummy baby will help scientists better understand the trauma ...

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