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NYC Subway Map Cuff

Ah, yes. Functional jewelry. For people who’ve just migrated to the big city (as in, New York) and haven’t found themselves acclimated, consider dropping $23 on designer Tiffany Burnette’s wristcuff-thingy. It’s a metal cuff bracelet with the entire map of the subway on it. And by entire map, I mean Manhattan minus the ghetto areas uptown. Made in New York, ...

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iPhone 2.2 Update Makes NYC Life Easier

Living in New York, it’s quite frustrating when you just miss a train and are forced to wait for 25 minutes until the next one shows up. The latest iPhone update apparently can tell you when the next train departs when you use Google Maps. This is a really neat feature that I praise Google for doing. The real question ...

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When Will I Get My Flying Car?

Since the days of The Jetsons and even long before that, mankind has dreamed of a fully operational hybrid flying car. What would be better than being able to go airborne as soon as you hit some traffic? Moller International, the company devoted to making an affordable flying car, has announced their latest creation, the Autovolantor. The flying car, although ...

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Microsoft’s Arc Mouse Fits In Your Pocket But It’s A Tight Squeeze

Later this year, Microsoft will be retailing its new wireless mouse specifically designed for easy transit. Gone are the days of the tiny transportable mouse for your laptop that makes your hand look like an amputated limb from Andre The Giants body. It’s a full-sized mouse that folds into a space-saving form that’ll fit anywhere from your laptop case to ...

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