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Tiny Arcade

I knew a kid named John Kirby growing up in grade school who was both a redheaded outcast and a model train enthusiast. John was really into those fucking trains. He’d build sets, wear a conductor hat and all kinds of fucked up shit. He’s the kind of guy who’d drop $7.49 a piece on these miniature arcade machines from ...

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MagLev Toy Train

You’ve simply got to watch this entire video of a model Maglev train that’s powered by liquid nitrogen. It gets colder than 183 degrees C (361.4 degrees F) and encounters no resistance. Give it a push on a track and it’ll fly around it perfectly until the liquid nitrogen runs out. I just find it fascinating to watch a model ...

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China’s Olympic Bullet Train

With less than one week to go before the 2008 Olympics begin, China has opened up a “super high speed” bullet train to bring athletes and fans back and forth to events in Beijing and Tianjin. Reaching a top speed of nearly 220mph, the new rail line will cut the travel time between the two cities in half. Construction on ...

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Riding Rails With RailRunner

Though it’s not the first vehicle designed to ride on abandoned railroad tracks, the RailRunner is certainly the best looking. Using the power of pedaling, this two-seat vehicle can take you up and down town. Need more room? A 4-seat version is indeed available. The wheels closely resemble Skyway Tuff II wheels that were used on many BMX bikes back ...

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