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Portable Train Set

Any boy looking to relive his days of playing with model train sets will be excited to know there’s now an option for us working adults. This working train set is set inside an elegant briefcase, ensuring portability and anonymity no matter the location. Little figures adorn the landscape as the train keeps a’ rollin’, all night long. The only ...

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MP3 Players Help Trains Run Over You

Meet 19-year-old Gary Bussell of Biddeford, Maine. He’s the dumbass that managed to walk right into a fucking oncoming train because he was too busy listening to music on his MP3 player. He’d just received it for Christmas when he was struck by an Amtrak train. Dumb idea, but at least he’s alive. That broken leg, elbow and pelvis will ...

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French Train System Using RFID-enabled USB Drives

If any of our francophone readers happen to be in France soon, be sure to let us know how your trip was. More specifically, we want to know if French transit company SNCF has expanded it’s trial RFID program. Passengers will receive a USB drive with an RFID chip inside it. You can add money to the account via RFID ...

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Microsoft’s Arc Mouse Fits In Your Pocket But It’s A Tight Squeeze

Later this year, Microsoft will be retailing its new wireless mouse specifically designed for easy transit. Gone are the days of the tiny transportable mouse for your laptop that makes your hand look like an amputated limb from Andre The Giants body. It’s a full-sized mouse that folds into a space-saving form that’ll fit anywhere from your laptop case to ...

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Just The Two Of Us

New York‘s Improv Everywhere is one of the funniest comedy troupes I know of. If you’re not familiar with them, they stage ridiculous events to play pranks on the public. A lot of the jokes involve a large amount of people and their latest is no exception. 15 pairs of twins met up and rode the 6 train together. Each ...

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