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A Bike Design That Predates The Company Producing It

What a sweet ride! The Rasmus Gjesing ATB Tourist bicycle is the work of, you guessed it: Rasmus Gjesing. Gjesing’s company was founded 12 years ago and focuses on quality and design that tries to steer clear of the look of mass-produced bicycles. With the ATB, everyone may think you’re riding an old bike, but that top-of-the-line Motorola MP3 helmet ...

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Digesting Duck Takes Magical Images

Taeyoon Choi is a tourist from South Korea who is tired of the monotony of photography. He asks the question, “Why is there no camera that takes photographs on its own?” So he devised a way to separate the camera from a human operator. Using French inventor Jacques de Vauncanson’s Mechanical Digesting duck, Choi has turned it into his own ...

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