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Slideon.v2: Even more ghostly

A few days ago we talked about the Slideon concept PMP design and its sleek slider style. With the first version fresh in our minds, the Slideon.v2 improves on the already gorgeous MP3 player. v2 features a huge wide-screen, which is as big as a normal iPod. The slide design means no obtrusive buttons to get in the way and ...

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HP Pavilion TX1000 Tablet PC to be released next month: Hasta La “Vista”, baby

With the official release of Vista for public use looming ahead, so does the release of the HP Pavilion TX1000 notebook. Featuring a touch-sensitive 12.1 inch widescreen display, a built-in webcam (mmm…amateur porn), fingerprint biometric reader, and a removable DVD burner, among other equally gadgety gizmos, the TX1000 is one hot momma of a laptop. We happen to love the ...

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