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Retro Arcade Game Messenger Bags

For people who grew up on games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros. these Retro Arcade Game Messenger Bags are like a little piece of heaven. I’m a geek, which means I tote a lot of crap around with me wherever I go. My camera, a book or two, my various electronics, a moleskine, so ...

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What Was I Writing About?

Oh yeah. This toke bag. Check it out, brah. It’s got a bong on it, but like, it’s fuckin’ Da Vinci style! Blueprints and all, man! I’d rather spend the $20 it costs on some weed though. Did I say toke bag? I meant tote bag! D’oh! Link (via)

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You Spilled Paint On Your Laptop Case

Street artist KR, creator of the KRINK line of ink and markers has designed a laptop sleeve for the folks over at Incase. The KRINK sleeve has a dripping paint design surrounding its exterior, so everyone will know what a sloppy mess you are when it comes to painting. It’s said to be compatible with the MacBook Pro 15-inch, but ...

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