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Pirate Bay Goes Down, Comes Back Up Less Than 24 Hours Later

The ever elusive Pirate Bay seems to have slipped through the legal system again. After only a brief 3 hour lapse in service the torrent hosting site is back up, and branding the same typical attitude we’ve all come to expect from the company. Pirate Bay made a statement on their blog which makes a lot of sense and might ...

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The Pirate Bay Sold To Software Company

Wow. You know, I was dreaming earlier this morning that I owned a Ferrari F360, but now even that is enough to keep the shock out of me regarding this news. The Pirate Bay, a website famous for pioneering the online torrent market, has been acquired by Global Gaming Factory X (GGF) for $7.7 million. What does this mean for ...

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iWork ’09 Available For Free

So after yesterday’s asstabulous keynote from Apple, iWork ’09 hit the web faster than you can say “Hack the Planet!” If you’d like to score a copy of the office productivity suite for yourself, simply fire up your favorite Bit Torrent client and grab the torrent off, oh let’s see, pretty much any torrent site on the ‘net and you’re ...

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