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Digital BBQ Tongs Measure Meat Temperature in Half the Time

Alas, the folly of grill-masters worldwide, switching between tongs and your meat thermometer, not only wastes precious time, but potentially leaves the meat to over cook. These Digital BBQ Tongs, though not nearly as fun as digital BBQ thongs, will save you some time, eliminating the switch-off between the thermometer and the grabby tool. A built-in alarm sounds when the ...

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Skeleton Serving Set

Want to creep everyone out this Thanksgiving? Order a set of these fine skeleton hand serving forks for only $50. They probably do a fantastic job at tossing salad and serving turkey with those long, boney fingers. I’m sure your relatives will be pleased with your antics when granny keels over in horror at the dinner table. Link [via]

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Toss That Salad: Salad Plant

How many times has your wife bitched you out for buying ugly kitchen appliances? I’m sure if you’re like any normal couple, it’s happened plenty of times and the both of you are sick of it. In comes the Salad Plant to save the marriage day! Essentially, it’s a plastic plant when you have both tongs placed inside the pot. ...

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