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Takara Tomy’s Wonderful Shot: A camera for your canine

Taking photos of your pet over and over can become boring after the first 1000 shots or so. There’s only so many facial expressions most dogs make. But how about letting your dog be the photographer? The Wonderful Shot Dog Camera attaches to your dog’s collar, allowing your dog’s view to be your view. That makes us so happy. The ...

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Pokemon Watch: Gotta time ’em all!

Legendary child brainwashing machine, Pokemon, has a new way of constantly keeping Poke on fans minds. The Pokemon Watch displays a child like interface for those young at heart, while maintaining that Japanese made cheap look. What Pokeball master would be complete without an accurate Pokemon timepiece? Made with the finest of Japanese plastic and color coordinated in hopes of ...

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Omnibot2007 i-Sobot: World’s smallest humanoid walking robot affordable, pocketable and available

Robots are relatively unpopular objects to crave for, they’re too huge, too expensive and you wouldn’t know what-the-heck-is-going-on in the industry most of the time. Takara-TOMY’s new Omnibot2007 i-Sobot is the world’s smallest humanoid (2 legs) walking robot, and the best part is its price: $312, comparing to robots of its same class that usually cost $1000 at least. The ...

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