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Lifetime Clock: Watch It As You Die

Most clocks, the ones that are based around seconds, minutes, and hours, can be watched for movement if you really need to waste some time of boredom, though we’ve seen clocks which are both much more fun, and more beautiful to look at than your average clock. The Lifetime Clock, on the other hand, is based on years. The movements ...

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Time After Time: Not A Huge Fan Of 7 To 8 O’Clock

Do you want a clock that lets you mold time to your leisure? Harness the power of the gods with this clock, changing the distance between the hours to fit your needs, while throwing a dose of apathy to the wind to rival that of the Whatever Clock. Let’s see, I have to wake up at 7 in the morning, ...

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Giant Water Clock Proves Time Equal to Money

Water clocks are one of the most ancient time-keeping methods, being employed by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Babylonians, particularly in astronomical and astrological predictions.  The Liquid-Time Sculpture, created by Bernard Gitton, has a more aesthetic function, indicating the time via a complex system of pipes and siphons. A series of spheres down the left side of the sculpture indicate ...

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