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CONFIRMED — Steve Jobs Passes Away at 56

Apple confirmed that today, October 5th of 2011, Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56. Since Steve announced his retirement as Apple's CEO about two months ago, there has been widespread speculation about his failing health. Rest in peace, Steve. You definitely left the world better and more interesting than when you found it.

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Steve Jobs Back At Apple

The entire tech world is a flutter with news that Steve Jobs has returned to Apple. As promised, Jobs said he would be back in June and rumor has it that he’s not back 100%, but rather, is helping interim CEO Tim Cook out and telecommuting through email according to a USA Today report. This is fantastic news not just ...

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Sound of Silence: Apple Announces Updates

Steve Jobs is off on some island banging chicks and sipping margaritas. Meanwhile, COO Tim Cook announced lackluster updates for iMacs and Mac Minis today. The 24-inch iMac has new NVIDIA graphics, twice the memory and twice the storage and still only costs $1499. The Mac Mini also got an upgrade, scoring 5 USB ports, Firewire 800 and a variety ...

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Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave From Apple

Hear that flood? That’s the sound of Apple shareholders and investors selling off their stake in the company as quickly as humanly possible. Why? CEO Steve Jobs just took a temporarily leave of absence from Apple. Here’s his note to Apple employees: Team, I am sure all of you saw my letter last week sharing something very personal with the ...

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