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Star Wars Tuxedo Shirt: It’s a Black TIE Fighter Affair

Alright, this really sucks. I was just invited to a wedding and of course it’s a black tie affair. The real problem is that I hate the way I look in a tuxedo. I look like a butler or a chauffeur or a bathroom attendant. I need something more suited to my personal brand of style. The TIE Fighter Tuxedo ...

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Charlie Brown TIE-Fighter is Obscurely Nostalgic

I’m not quite sure why this combination works so well, but it just does. Take Charlie Brown’s round noggin’ and shove it between a pair of TIE-Fighter wings and you’ve got yourself a gadget of nostalgia ready for setting shop on your man cave’s mantle. Imagine being a member of the Rebellion and witnessing this thing flying at you at ...

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Tie-Fighter Display Looks Just Like Death Star Schematic Hologram

Holographic images are no longer exclusive to science fiction films thanks to the ICT Graphics Lab at USC.� Three-Dimensional displays have proven to be quite difficult to emulate, suffering from problems such as small viewing areas and high costs.� Using spinning mirrors, high-speed DLP projections and very precise mathematics, the crew at USC are able to display nearly 5,000 individual ...

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