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The Last HOPE: The Great LEGO Table

On the official website for HOPE, it said there would be a special table for adding to one gigantic LEGO creation. We arrived yesterday and saw little more than a pile of bricks. Today, there was progress but very little. By the time we started heading back home, I noticed someone had completely destroyed the sculpture and was rebuilding it ...

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The Last HOPE: POV Spectactles

Found at the Last HOPE Conference, this is actually a spinning sphere that looks like Earth. It uses POV to create an imaginary spinning world. There’s also another POV device that interlaces two colors with each other.

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The Last HOPE: Day Two

It’s a hot Saturday here in New York City but the coverage must continue! Take a look around the Hacker Village, which featured all sorts of DIY projects. A graveyard of electronics was available to poach parts from, you could make your very own t-shirt, check out those glass dildos and participate in plenty of other activities. After the jump, ...

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The Last HOPE: Electronic Graveyard

Found on the second floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania. A group of hackers were selling old phone equipment and patronizing me for taking pictures. I’d rather be a photographer than a group of fat fucks selling old junk!

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The Last Hope: The RFID-Enabled HOPE Badge

Remember the AMD project I previously wrote about? Well here’s the badge you get for attending HOPE. You’re given a removable battery that allows you to participate actively in the AMD project. Don’t want to be tracked for a few hours? Remove the battery and you’re good to go. Hit the jump to see the other side of the badge.

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Adjusted Posting Schedule

Hey readers, listen up! Ryan and I will be covering The Last HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference here in New York City all weekend. We’ll be doing it up big to bring you coverage of one of the best events to ever hit the USA. So as we set up today and get over to the conference around 10:30AM, ...

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