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Tetris Ice Cube Trays Won’t Make You Russian

So you saw the DIY Tetris ice cubes and wanted to bust some out for your upcoming gaming party. Too bad it didn’t work out and in the process of ice-chisling, you lost a finger. Why not keep it simple and use this Icetris ice cube tray from Russian designer Dima Komissarov? With trays in four different colors, it’s almost ...

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Tetris Theme Performed On Bottles (Probably Alcoholic)

I used to spend hours tapping away at the original Game Boy, hoping to improve my Tetris score. While my score sort of topped out and some point, the Tetris soundtrack will always be stuck in my head. The funny thing is, that there was a setting in the original game which allowed you to choose from an assortment of ...

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Tresling: Tetris With A Physical Edge

How do geeks solve a quarrel that can only be fixed with a physical encounter? By fist fighting? Oh, no, no. Their asthma just wouldn’t allow for that. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and we all know there is only one way to prove who has the metaphorical thickest glasses, and that’s through gaming of course. Tresling mashes Tetris ...

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Tetris Mirror Fragments Your Self Image

Some people rely on what’s in their wallet to determine their self-worth, while many still think their own reflection is the one thing holding them back. Maybe if my nose was just a little smaller I’d get that job. The Tetris Mirror mixes gaming goodness with self-image in an ultimate testament to retro bit design. Using thirteen interlocking mirrored acrylic ...

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Tetris Duct Tape Wallet Doesn’t Play Cool Arabian Music

Tetris might be my all-time favorite game. No matter how detailed graphics become, there is no beating the complicated task of organizing geometric shapes into complete rows. This wallet from Etsy’s KMC Designs is not only Tetris-themed, but made of duct tape! Theoretically, you can remove the individual Tetris pieces on the face of the wallet and make your own ...

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NES Console Built-In To A Controller

Today, everything is about bulk. Everything is becoming more compact, even dare we say “snack-sized”. This user on the Ben Heck forums put together a creative gift for his girlfriend’s birthday. A NES Controller with the entire console built-in to the controller, as well as some built in-games. The NES Controller features the 2 player version of tetris, and a ...

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