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iPhone 3.1 Beta Reveals New Features

Apple is slugging along with their newest developer release of iPhone 3.1. Seems like Steve Jobs is running a much tighter ship than maestro Cook. Many of the major issues of 3.0 (which probably wouldn’t of been there in the first place if it were up to El Jobso) have been fixed. Here is a list of improvements dredged up ...

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AT&T To Charge $55 For iPhone Tethering Plan

The big question floating around the Webnets today is that AT&T will charge $55 for an iPhone Internet tethering plan. What’s not clear is if this $55 will include the $30 iPhone data plan. If so, it’s not a bad deal. But if AT&T is trying to tack on an additional 55 bucks to customer’s already high bills, that just ...

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iPhone 3.0 Tethering Hack

Oh man this is sweet. You see, this week, I got my hands on the GM copy of the iPhone 3.0 OS. I installed it, went “OK, cool”, went to revert and nearly bricked my iPhone. Somehow, two days later, it unbricked itself and went back to OS 3.0, which is what’s needed to rock this tethering hack. Here’s how ...

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