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Best Buy Testing Video Game Trade Ins

GameStop, with its icy grip on the retail video game industry, has a new competitor coming up the pipelines. No, Funcoland isn’t making a comeback but rather Best Buy is trying out a trial program that lets customers trade in used video games for store credit. As Brian Crecente of Kotaku points out, this is a fantastic time to be ...

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Math Teacher Uses Advertising On Exams

Oh yes. The United States is most certainly in a recession right now. Times are tough and everyone is going broke. Teachers, in particular, are feeling the heat as they look for a way to offset the cost of items for their students. School budgets can’t cover everything, after all. In comes San Diego, CA-based teacher Tom Farber. He teaches ...

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Longevity Drug Is A Hit With The Mice

It would be nice to never have to age into a decrepit sack of sagging flesh, but alas, that is the fate of every one of us. However, it doesn’t have to be. Science is always real reliable when it comes to doing the impossible and what’s more impossible than prolonging death? Scientists recently working with a potential longevity-enhancing drug ...

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