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Horrifying Robotic Child

This just confirms my theory that all robotic children are the things of nightmares. Have you ever seen a robotic being built to look young that didn’t cause you to instantly fear it? And to top it all off, this might even be the scariest of the bunch! Where does the madness end? This leg-humping robotic child centaur thing pretty ...

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Why Do All Child Bots Have To Be So Terrifying?

Japan’s University of Tsukuba maintains the trend of horrifying child bots with their new Yotaro baby simulator / stuffed bear thing, which aside from causing terror, is supposed to mimic the needs of a baby. The baby’s emotions display via an interactive screen. A water tank supplies realistic tears and an infrared camera picks up your every move, so don’t ...

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Terrifying Halloween Eyes

We saw Matt Daughtrey’s terrifying Halloween project on Make and before you know it, it had us shaking in our boots. OK, that’s a blatant lie; on the other hand the LMDriver platform he uses is neat. It works with LEDs to display eyes that look around and blink. It’s a project that’s begging to be put into a pumpkin, ...

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