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This is The Worst Ad Placement of All Time

Awful advertising isn’t limited to the confines of the internet. I thought I had collected a pretty impressive variety of terrible ad placement, but this – this pretty much punches all of the other examples in the ovaries and then proceeds to curb stomp them. I understand that many drycleaners are owned by foreigners who might not quite put two ...

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The Nintendo Wii and Bad Parenting Work Well Together

“Son, we’re going to the 7-11 for dinner. Put your shoes on.” “But father! I’ve lost my sneakers whilst playing in the woods this morning!” “You little shit. Those shoes cost me $17 from Walmart. Are you trying to embarrass me?” “No!” “Well I’m hungry as shit. Here. In the mean time, put these Wiimote covers on your feet.” “I’m ...

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Crap Console Equals Crap Repercussions

I warned you about the Wii. Some of you listened, most did not. Well, I hope all the Wii owners who couldn’t refrain from calling me a PS3/360 fanboy in the comments all crack their LCD screens while playing sub par games. I’ll be a fan of anything and I mean anything as long as it isn’t the Wii. Look ...

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Someone At Sirius Has No Heart

I don’t know what you did to piss Sirius Satellite Radio off. Maybe you forgot to pay your bill a month? Perhaps you told them to “piss off” when they offered you a hardware upgrade? Whatever you did, they just got us back real nicely. Sirius is debuting ABBA Radio. God help us. At least it doesn’t launch until July ...

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