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Wall Tentacle Adds Port Hole of Fear to Your Home’s Poop Deck

It’s a tragic tale. Dreaming of a life on the sea but too prone to sea sickness to pursue the dream any further than the confines or your mind. While it’s true that for people with a poor equilibrium, sea life is impractical, but there are ways to live the seaman’s life without living on the sea. The Wall Tentacle, ...

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Wearable Tentacle: Hentai Prop Or Cosplay Tool?

Whether it be used as a prop in a fantasy Hentai porno flick, or simply just another tool of the trade for people into cosplay, anyone can find a use for a tentacle arm. Say you have a pet or a very young sibling, a tentacle could be an amazing way to just scare the living shit out of them. ...

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