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“Just One More Level…” T-Shirt is a Symbol of Gamer Persistence

All of you gamers are likely all too familiar with this situation. It’s 3 a.m., you’ve got class in the morning, but the gaming bug has bitten you on the ass and will not let go. So what do you do? Just repeat to yourself “Just one more level… one more level…” Yeah, keep telling yourself that. A gaming hangover ...

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Geek Style: Star Wars / Terminator / Lord of the Rings Mash-Up Tee

What do these three movies have in common? They are three of the most important factors of geek culture. Now available convienantly mashed onto one clever t-shirt design. Seems like Frodo didn’t do quite a good enough job of destroying the precious. Darth, model T-9000, has managed to save the ring from the depths of Mordor. Is it possible that ...

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“Mii love you long time” T-Shirt: Wii love it!

Humor degrading any certain sect of culture is just the best. You can’t help but laugh at something like this nerdy tee with the words “Mii love you long time” emblazoned on them. Not only does this rip on woman, but totally destroys the Asian take on English. Or as you might call it, Engrish. We hate to laugh at ...

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