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“For Our Princess” Mysterious Message Found Inside Zune HD Casing

While sifting through images of iFixIt’s teardown of the Zune HD we noticed something quite peculiar. Inside of the casing was a dedication, an inscription reading “For our princess.” As far as we can tell, this inscription is a dedication to a member of the Zune team who passed away during the production of the device. In return, Microsoft made ...

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13-inch Macbook Pro Teardown

As always, whenever a new gadget is released, the guys at iFixIt are keen to immediately ripping it apart. This time around, they’re blogging their teardown of the new 13-inch Macbook Pro. Those who are squeamish should exercise caution when clicking the link below. Link

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Apple’s iPod Shuffle Yielding Tremendous Profits

Want to know why Apple has so much cash in the bank? It’s due to the innovation of Steve Jobs combined with the cost-efficient microeconomics of Apple. The company’s latest version of the iPod, the iPod Shuffle, apparently only costs 28-percent of its retail price, $79, to make. That leaves Apple with nearly $57 profit for each player sold. That ...

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