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Fast Food Fallacies: Fast Food Menu Items Compared to Their Ads

The resemblance between what you see and what you get at fast food restaurants has been a hot debate in the massively obese business community for decades. But the differences between what we see in the ads and what we actually wind up eating just seems to get further and further apart with each passing year. The blog Alphalia picked ...

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Get Your Free Tacos Here! Taco Bell Coupon for Free Fresco Taco

Yes, tacos. The breakfast of champions. Taco Bell has decided to give 1 million free Fresco Tacos away and you can get your very own if you can print out your coupon quick enough. But of course, alas, there is a disclaimer. The local manager can deny any customer a free taco. So if there’s a mad dash for a ...

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Virtual Sex With Sandra Bullock

You know what would be the best thing ever? Virtual sex. So long as “virtual sex” means sex with Sandra Bullock in virtual reality. None of that rubber vagina crap. We’ll put on the headsets, visors or whatever didgeridoos are used on the movie set of Demolition Man and go at it. Except, we won’t get physical. Fluid transfer is ...

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