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i-Tab: For The Forgetful Guitarist

There’s nothing quite like the�embarrassment�of being on stage, in front of tens of people, and just going blank. Oh crap, what chord do I play next? Do I stop playing or just improvise? i-Tab seeks to stop the forgetful guitarist in his or her absentminded tracks, displaying a constant stream of lyrics, chords and tabs as you play along with ...

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Gmail Labs Gets Multiple Inbox Panes

Feeling frisky this Friday morning? Fire up Gmail and go to the “Labs” section. You’ll find that there’s now an option that allows you to view multiple inboxes at the same time. In a nutshell, you can essentially create multiple window panes inside of Gmail for viewing things like your inbox, drafts and labels all at one time. Pretty nifty, ...

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Essential Guitar Tools and Software Roundup

The fine people over at MakeUseOf.com have compiled a list of essential guitar tools that will suit any master of the axe well. The roundup includes guitar tab sites, tab editors and organizers and scale programs. All of these tools are great ways to help you improve your playing and learn new techniques. Guitar programs such as Guitar Rig, GarageBand ...

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