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Tablecloth Pants Are Perfect for Couch Potatoes

Absurdly dorky and utterly useless? Perhaps. But it’s what could have been that really counts in this case. Mitemite’s Tablecloth Pants include spots right above the knees to insert two tablecloth pieces of fabric so you can comfortably sit and eat in front of the couch like the elderly superhero you are, without worrying about too much spillage. Plus you ...

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Piano Graphics Tablecloth: The More You Eat, The More You Toot

No need to chow down on beans to add a taste of musical culture to your dinner table. The Piano Graphics Tablecloth includes a border lined with the standard design of piano keys. Jam out to Miles Davis as you chow down on your mom’s meatloaf (which is way too dry by the way). Tell her to add some ketchup ...

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