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Best of Both Worlds: LEGO Foosball Table

Merging the best of two of the geekiest worlds into one, the LEGO Foosball table combines the amazing sport of table soccer (and yes, I use the word sport very loosely here) with our absolute favorite building toy, LEGOs. Look, Knex are pretty good and I’mma let you finish, but LEGOs make the best foosball table of all-time! Hit the ...

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Granny Foosball Table

Imagine an army of ten grumpy old ladies, demanding you get off their very large and well-groomed lawn. Sounds like a fun way to spend my Friday night. These days, when your Grandma isn’t indoors jamming on her Wii, she’s outside kicking some elderly ass on the soccer field. Just look at Mrs. Doubtfire. Grab your own Granny Mini-Foosball table ...

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