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DIY Walnut and Paper Drum Machine is Bizarre, But Free

“Walnut and Paper Drum Machine.” It sounds like the subject header from some shitty spam e-mail. But thankfully, this DIY project is both faux-meat product-free and very real. So, here’s what you have to do. Steal a bunch of walnuts from your squirrely forest friends, grab a sheet a paper and a webcam, and head over to download the free ...

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Is That A Moog Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Felt, plush. Whatever you call it, it’s soft and cuddly. Yesterday, we explored Becky Stern’s fucked up femur in plush form. Today, plush strikes again in the form of an old 1970s synthesizer. It looks like a Modular Moog unit but alas, it’s a Korg. These plush synths are created by Australian artist Pulsewidth. He’s made a Juno, an ARP ...

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