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Bacteria Sculptures Give Us Up-Close Look at the Microscopic World

It’s not everyday you get to see a Escherichia coli bacterium up-close and personal. But British artist Luke Jerram�s �Glass Microbiology� series brings the microscopic world into the limelight with sculptures designed to resemble viruses and bacteria. To create each one, Jerram used images from an electron microscope and had guidance from virologist Andrew Davidson of the University of Bristol ...

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INFLU Flu-Collector Mask Encourages H1N1 Infection

Contracting the H1N1 swine flu virus seems inevitable. I’m not one to play God, but I like to be in control of all situations. In other words, I’d rather infect myself with the swine flu and know when I’m going to be infected than have the virus spring up on me unawares. The INFLU Mask increases the chance of getting ...

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Cuddling Up with Some Adorable H1N1

Aww, it’s so… *cough, phlegm* so… *snort, sniff* so… *eyes roll back in head* adorable *faints*. The perfect excuse for staying home from school for a few days. “Look, Mom, I swear, I have Swine Flu! Just looooook!” The H1N1 Plushy proves to the world that you’re ailing from one nasty, gigantic, very pink virus. Think Geek offers a variety ...

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Another Victim of Piglet Flu

I always figured Christopher Robin was more compassionate than this. Eeyore, not so much. Pooh? He’s just in in for the honey. He figures with Piglet gone it’s one less mouth to feed. Fricken’ fat ass. Who gives a shit about the other two assholes. After seeing this treatment of Piglet I don’t care if Tigger takes a flying leap ...

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