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R2-D2 Swimsuit: Tanning on Tatooine

Nothing gets me more worked up than a woman in Star Wars-themed apparel. I don’t care whether it’s a full-bodied Stormtrooper costume or this R2-D2 Swimsuit. If she’s wearing it, I’m drooling. This one-piece swimsuit is modest enough for even the most conservative women, but geeky enough to keep me completely interested. James Lillis designed this R2-D2 Swimsuit, which is ...

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How To Tan a Heart Onto Your Ass and Make Me Aroused at the Same Time

Here is a simple step-by-step DIY project to keep me aroused and simultaneously tan a heart shape on to your ass cheek. 1.) Wear this Bikini Mark swimsuit on a sunny day at the beach. 2.) Bring the inflatable beer pong table 3.) Have a body just like this swimsuit model Congratulations, I’m aroused and you are tanning like a ...

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Got Phelps?

After winning 8 gold medals, the amazing Michael Phelps has been compared to just about every oceanic life form existing on our planet. Yes, Michael Phelps has even been compared to a sea urchin. Of course this has led to an epidemic of Phelps apparel that everyone and their mother will be adorning for the next 30 years or more. ...

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