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Misa Digital Guitar Replaces Strings with Touchscreen

We’ve seen some crazily zany guitar designs in our day but none that have essentially ended its stature as a true guitar. The Misa Digital Guitar cuts out the strings and replaces them with a multi-touch screen. Sort of defeats the purpose of acoustics, but who the hell cares, this thing is beyond innovative. Pretty much a handheld MIDI controller ...

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Materialista: Suspended Truck Can’t Veer Into Your Damn Lane

Truck drivers need to stay in their own damn lanes. They seem to think they’re driving Mini Beetles, while in actuality they’re inching their speeding 18-wheels a little too close to my fragile sedan. Now that I’ve finally found an excuse to chastise the driving of truck drivers, I can introduce you to Materialista, a project by Mexican artist Dami�n ...

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You Don’t Need Friends To Limbo

Are you the kind of person who loves to limbo to the Macarena but never has any friends willing to hold the bar up for you? Whether that’s the case or you just don’t have any friends period, there is a solution. This limbo device is activated with the touch of a button that has multi-colored strings creating a fluorescent ...

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