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Ugly Gaming Christmas Sweaters

These Ugly Gaming Christmas Sweaters by Yellow Bulldog are as cool as kitsch can get. Featured in Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog and PlayStation flavors. There's even matching socks.

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Official Super Street Fighter IV Teaser Trailer

Capcom has released a neat little cinematic/fight teaser trailer for their upcoming game Super Street Fighter IV. The video features two fighters duking it out over a black background with funky white scribble blooming from the screen. While there’s no gameplay footage the trailer is pretty neat aesthetically.

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Everybody Loves Chalkboard Fighting

These cats are fast as lightning! And a little bit frightening. Watch as these two go head-to-head-to-chalkboard, reinventing games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Combat on the iconic items in most school jail cells classrooms. Hit the jump to see a few more images of Chalkboard Fighting, including a special flying phallus attack and crafty decapitation!

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