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Beijing’s Street Art Scene

If you’re looking for a more realistic view of Beijing than the fake fireworks and lipsynching on Olympics broadcasts check out these photos. Roving reporters from the art blog Supertouch brought back excellent shots of street art, fashion, architecture, and hilariously misspelled english-language signage. China is known for a harsh treatment of prisoners and intense government censorship. Beijing isn’t a ...

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Street Art Makes The World More Pixel-y

Found on the streets of New York, located on the NYU campus, between 2nd and 3rd St. by the Barney Building, sits a hidden gem of street art. Captured and uploaded onto Flickr by user hungryghoast, the “Flowing Pixel” street sculpture depicts a faucet spitting out pixelated water. The piping sort of reminds me from that secret area in Super ...

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