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Awesome Graphic Print Stockings Are Almost Cool Enough to Go Tranny For

Being a fine male specimen, I don’t wear stockings (at least not on weekdays), but if I did, you can bet your arse that Les Queues de Sardines’s graphic-print stockings would be what I would wore. The designs for these stockings are just awesome. I particularly admire the creepy ant design. And if these aren’t hip enough for you, check ...

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Fashionable Varicose Veins

I actually know a guy who’s legs look like this, but never mind that. You don’t care about someone who lives with varicose veins. You want your own and you want them now! These stockings will do the trick but be prepared to plunk down a whopping $65. I mean, sure they’re artsy, detailed and not mass produced but $65 ...

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Folks, We Have A Winner

The above picture shows Chris Gray’s winning truck tarp design that was selected for FREITAG’s Design-A-Truck Contest. Here’s one 18-wheeler that won’t settle for any gas station that isn’t the least bit artsy. Having trouble making out the design? Allow me: it’s a disproportional girl on a swing in sexy striped stockings. I think it won because of the stockings. ...

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